Album Summary

“MAGIC,” EXO CBX’s debut studio album was released May 9th, 2018. “MAGIC” was released by AVEX Trax and distributed by Avex Music Creative and multiple digital music streaming applications: YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, QQ Music, MelOn, Genie, and Naver. The music video for the lead single released on this studio album, “Horololo” was officially released on April 24th, days ahead of the official release of the studio album. Following their first arena tour announcement earlier in January of 2018, the sub unit announced that their debut Japanese studio album would be released (March 2018.) On April 11th, Album details were released highlighting multiple versions of the studio album: three member specific covers with CD only, one full group cover with CD only,  one version with CD and Blu-Ray disc, and one version with CD and DVD. On April 24th, Avex released album teaser featuring sound snippets. 


  • “MAGIC” (EP) debuted at #3 on Oricon’s Weekly Albums Chart
  • “MAGIC” (EP) sold 41,173 copies within the first week of release 
  • “MAGIC” (EP) earned the peak position of #3 on Billboard Japan’s Japan Hot Albums Chart 
  • “MAGIC” (EP) earned the peak position of #1 on Oricon’s Japanese Albums Chart 

Features included on this EP:

  1. “CBX” 
  2. “Ka-Ching!”
  3. “Horololo” 
  4. “Girl Problems”
  5. “Shake” – Xiumin Solo
  6. “Off the Wall”
  7. “Ringa Ringa Ring” – Baekhyun Solo
  8. “Gentleman”
  9. “Watch Out” – Chen Solo
  10. “Cry”
  11. “In This World”
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