Album Summary

“Honey,” Lay Zhang’s third extended play (hereafter known as EP) was released June 14th, 2019. “Honey” was released on multiple digital music streaming applications: YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, QQ Music, Taobao, MelOn, FLO, Genie, and Naver. Photo teasers of the EP’s design were released on April 30th, June 6th, June 10th, and June 12th. Details about the track list of the EP were personally released by Lay Zhang through social media platforms Twitter, Weibo, Instagram and SpotifyAsia. An official YouTube Channel was opened for Lay Zhang on June 13th, a day ahead of “Honey” music video debut (hereafter known as MV.) The EP was exclusively released in English, and an additional version of the title single in Mandarin. 


  • “Honey” sold 1.87 million (2,375,945) digital copies in pre-orders in 4 minutes of the first hour of pre-order, breaking Lay Zhang’s previous record set with “Namanana”
  • Within 8 hours of its release on June 14th, “Honey,” achieved 67th chart position on iTunes worldwide album chart
  • “Honey” debuted at #1 on QQ Music 2019 Digital Chart 
  • “Honey” reached diamond level on China’s QQ Music Chart, and earned QQ Music’s Golden Hall status for breaking nine sales levels
  • “Honey” reached 9th chart position on iTunes Top 10 Worlwide Music Albums 
  • “Honey” earned the peak position of #11 on Billboard’s US World Albums

Features included on this EP:

  1. “Honey” (和你)”
  2. “Bad” (坏的)”
  3. “Amusement Park” (游乐园)”
  4. 和你
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