Dear My Dear

Album Summary

“Dear My Dear,” Chen’s debut solo extended play (hereafter known as EP) was released October 1st, 2019 by SM Entertainment and distributed by Dreamus. “Dear My Dear” was released on multiple music streaming applications: YouTube, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, QQ Music, MelOn, FLO, Genie, and Naver. On August 29th, Naver released an article declaring the upcoming release of Chen’s second EP. Throughout the month of September marketing and promotion continued for the album and including the reveal of the album title, cover art of the album, the teaser schedule, the track listing, multiple versions of teaser photos, a highlight medley of B-sides, album jacket making music video of both versions of the album, and a teaser video of the title track “Shall We,” prior to the awaited reveal of the title track of “Dear My Dear.” Pre-orders for the two versions (Dear My Dear and My Dear versions) of the EP were also released through Chen’s official SMTown artist page and through EXO’s official social media accounts. 


  • “Dear My Dear” peaked at No. 1 on Gaon’s South Korean Albums Chart. 
  • “Dear My Dear” peaked at No. 31 on Billboard Japan’s Japan Hot Albums Chart. 
  • “Dear My Dear” peaked at No. 36 on Oricon’s Japanese Albums Chart. 
  • “Dear My Dear” peaked at No. 45 on SNEP’s French Digital Albums Chart. 

Features included on this EP:

  1. “Shall We?” (우리 어떻게 할까요?)
  2. “My Dear” (그대에게)
  3. “Amaranth” (고운 그대는 시들지 않으리)
  4. “Hold You Tight” (널 안지 않을 수 있어야지)
  5. “You Never Know” (그댄 모르죠)
  6. “Good Night” (잘 자요)”
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