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    While on the Terrell Show, Chlöe Bailey, of the dynamic sister duo Chlöe x Halle, shared insight in response to question “What is something fans may not know about the music industry,” that inspired today’s forum post.

    Fans have always supported artists buy buying into content created by artists and their label. Prior to the 2000s, music enthusiasts in the West, of various genres purchased content including albums, various forms of merchandise and memorabilia, concert tickets and more before the decline of physical album sales in favor of streaming services.

    The South Korean music industry serves as an example to the Western music industry of the importance of fan support of artist content due to its impact. Fans of South Korean music groups like EXO demonstrate an even higher level of investment in the success of their favorite group by coordinating album group orders that continue to exceed previous records. While this effort has been called into question by newer fans of the music genre and of the group themselves, the conversation had on the Terrell Show by Chlöe demonstrates how important it is to an artist that fans do continue to invest. A fan’s investment doesn’t only contribute to the “seen” artist who performs the content created for them by their label. The fan’s investment also contributes to every “unseen” artist who also touched any aspect of the content created: the producers, the backup vocalists, the studio instrumentalists, the choreographers, etc.

    As it relates to EXO’s career, in recent years fans have noticed how much more members are participating in the creative aspect of their work whether it be producing, writing their own lyrics, creating merchandise, developing and teaching their choreography and marketing for brands as designated ambassadors.

    The question is…how much responsibility lies with the fandom in supporting the artist? 

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