About Us

The EXcOgitative Librarium is a Limited Liability Company. Our focus is South Korean & Chinese boy band EXO.

Our Mission

The Excogitative Librarium is a resource library dedicated to chronicling the exemplary career of nine member boy band EXO. The primary mission of the Excogitative Librarium is to cultivate awareness through cultural and musical research that is prepared for public consumption through digital and physical academic publications.

Our History

Cultural and music research initially began on our Tumblr blog. From there our experience and passion for this work has evolved since 2015 into what is now the Excogitative Librarium.

Cultural & Musical


The Librarium provides classical and contemporary music analysis in reference to cultural norms within music genres.

Digital & Physical


The Librarium prepares quarterly digital and physical publications that chronicle the career achievements of the nine member boy band EXO. This includes solo, and sub-unit repertoire.

Promotional &

Advertisement Campaigns

With special care paid to effective marketing strategies, the Librarium creates advertising campaigns to engage new and unique listeners.

Contact Us

200 Westside Square
Suite 605
Huntsville, AL 35801
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