Comeback Album Pre-Order with EXO-R+R || Open!

Comeback Album Pre-Order with EXO-R+R || Open!

For the very first time, we have opened an Amazon album group pre-order for the following:

#NAMANANA Lay Zhang’s 3rd Solo Album, and premier USA solo debut.

#DONT_MESS_UP_MY_TEMPO EXO’s 5th comeback studio album.

Our purpose in opening these orders with Amazon are to positively impact the music charts of Billboard and Hanteo, and Gaon where appropriate.

Only albums ordered through Amazon links by EXO and Lay Zhang’s official accounts , and shipped domestically within the United States will count towards Billboard charts for both #NAMANANA & #DONT_MESS_UP_MY_TEMPO

We offer you the opportunity to participate in our group order wherein we will place your order for you, and after they are shipped to our domestic address in the United States they will be shipped to you.

By participating in this positive promotion for EXO & Lay Zhang, we would also like to offer gifts to all who order with us.

Please see the following forms for more details about payment schedule, gifts from us your BibliothecEris & further album details.



Happy Pre-ordering!

Let’s move as One EXO-L!


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