Happy Birthday Suho!!

Happy Birthday Suho!!


Happy Birthday to our serene Suho!!

• in our 6th EXO millennium •

• Spring •

Today is yours, our dear Suho. Today we honor you on your 27th birthday! We are once again so proud of what you have accomplished this year in your current and future solo endeavors and alongside the members as the opening of 2018 has brought a reenergized, and fresh energy.

Dear Suho, our ever thoughtful, and kind leader, there is never enough that can be said about the example you set, and the pride that you inspire. Pride in your grace, in your endurance, in your ambitions, in your resilience, in your balance of sound wisdom, and of lighthearted wit, in your steadfast determination, and faithfulness to your dreams, both personal, and shared with your beloved members of EXO. It is said that water facilitated the natural evolutionary phenomenon of interdependence, and of you Suho that is also true. A ripple effect surely emanates from your deeds, and your character that is witnessed in the relationships you maintain professionally, and personally. You understand, and demonstrate that anything that is gained, is not only a success achieved by yourself alone, but for all those around you as well. You speak with candor, and decorum, naturally navigating the pathways of every new channel that is opened to you therefore reconnecting a sense of greater humanity among all people you meet. “Today we come together as one. We don’t need language. We just need music.” Music is our water, our source of life, our sense of being, our nutrient that reinvigorates our mind, body, and soul, music is our natural language, music is our connection, and you as our leader conduct this natural relationship between EXO, between EXO & EXO-Ls, between EXO & musicians of the world, between EXO & all those who seek that life source of music. You safeguard, and protect this sacred language, and our relationship to it, and to one another. We are always amazed at how you assess, and immediately prepare to greet each new channel of opportunity for EXO, and see that the members likewise trust in your leadership, and salient navigation because of your honesty, and once again because of your humility. You acknowledge what is at stake, you acknowledge the stake you hold in reviving the connection of all people, you understand what is to be gained when everyone can find commonality with one another. “I can’t be bright all the time,” you said once, “but I want to be a cheerful person. I also want to make people feel at ease. The urge to give people next to me comfort is strong. I make efforts to amuse people even if it ruins myself,” and similarly you have also sung, “지쳐 버리는 그날이 오면 기억해 Babe 아름다웠던 우릴.” You remind us that we can depend on one another. That we can trust each other. That true human relationships are our way forward. It is a tender, altruistic love that the water of life, and music that you carry in your spirit delivers to our spirits. As our leader you not only share the bounty of the healing power of music of which you bring as a gift of EXOPlanet, you reanimate that healing energy within all those who greet you. You remind us that there is a source of love, and healing within ourselves also. That we are not, and do not have to be strangers to each other if only we share in the gift giving of healing water, of healing music, and of healing love. All are deserving of access to water. All are deserving of access to music. All are deserving of access to connection. All are deserving of access to love. When one strives to connect, the whole of the world is opened to one another. It is not a gift only some should be given. It is a paradise meant for all. We must never give up in our goal to reconnect. We must protect that which is sacred, and that is the music by which we speak to one another, and the love that blooms from our soul conversations when we share in music making, and appreciation.

We hope to honor your commitment to the protection of life, music, peace, and love by remaining as open as a body of water, and greeting all as not a stranger, but as someone we are meant to reconnect to. Please continue to lead us in how to share the natural gift of water, and of love to protect the humanity within all of us, as you do Suho.

Let our relationship of continued support and enduring love continue to strengthen as we continue our journey together. May you continue to be blessed in this new year and may you also be blessed with many more enlivened years of happiness, and mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, and vocal health.

-Aqua + Pisces –

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