Happy Birthday Baekhyun!!!

Happy Birthday Baekhyun!!!


Happy Birthday to our candescent Baekhyun!!

• in our 6th EXO millennium •

• Spring •

We honor you once again today on your 27th birthday! We are so proud of what you’ve accomplished this year in your current and future solo endeavors and alongside the members as 2018 has opened.

Of you, our dear Baekhyun, our light bearer we hear time and again the joy you bring to our members, our dear Eris, and all who come to know you throughout your personal, and professional life. Our dynamic pioneer you are the first to approach with an open, and sincere heart’s embrace. You are the first to illuminate that which someone is unable to see with your whole-hearted, benevolent nature and ever observant eyes. You are not only the solitary candle’s benign flame blooming fearlessly in the darkest, and most difficult moments. We who know you often worry for your draining strength but forget that a lone candle can consciously share its flame with another if only just to light it, so that it may share with another, and another light blooming, catching upon the many candles and stars within our vast galaxy. By being our guiding light, you help us to see that which gives our lives it’s deepest significance.

What you hope for us as we grow together, not only in age, and through our time spent on this journey is honest love, and vulnerability. “I will keep working hard until the day that there isn’t anyone who says “it isn’t good.” It is never easy to hear what you are not doing well. It is not effortless to come to terms with the truth which you still need to improve on. But you embrace this fact of life willingly and you teach us, your Eris to embrace growth. You also teach us to understand how to conduct our light. To find the brightest part of ourselves, and to work consistently on the human task of finding that that is within us that can be enlightened. You show us, and the members consistently to both not be afraid to bath in our light, and to respect the harmony of light within the dark. We wish so sincerely to defend, and to protect you, and all of our members. And even in those moments, you step forward with your shield wishing to put yourself between that which drains our strength, and is hurtful until we are able to stand beside you regenerated by your light, ready to defend, and to protect other Eris and those throughout our world who need help generating their own light within them. We hope to honor your commitment to light, love, joy, and peace as a way to give you strength, and reflect our multitude of lights back to you, to share our light together throughout the world.

Let our relationship of continued support and enduring love continue to strengthen as we continue our journey together. May you continue to be blessed in this new year and may you also be blessed with many more luminous years of happiness, and mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, and vocal health.

-Aqua + Pisces –

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