Happy Birthday Sehun!!!

Happy Birthday Sehun!!!


Happy Birthday to our loyal Sehun!!

• in our 6th EXO millennium •

• Spring •

We honor you once again today on your 25th birthday! We are so proud of what you’ve accomplished this year in your solo endeavors and alongside the members as 2018 has opened.

It said by Ramakrishna, that “the winds of grace are always blowing, but you have to raise the sail.And those words ring true for you, our dear Sehun. You who are of grace, honor, compassion, interpersonal and intrapersonal wit and intellect, and enduring strength. You both embody a character worth emulating, and match that integrity with your words, thoughts, and actions.

We witness your honorable spirit not only in how you approach your numerous crafts and the sincerity, and unrelenting dedication with which you apply yourself to your every endeavor yielding you well deserved accolades from throughout the world. We also acknowledge and are awed time and again at what you teach us, your dear Eris, about lasting friendship and enduring love. Since the beginning of your journey with EXO, you have been the center of reason helping your members to guide, keep safe and protect that which fuels EXO powerful presence on and off stage, your mutual, trusting and genuine relationship. Not simply as fellow coworkers, fellow teammmates, or fellow artists, but as dear brothers and lifetime friends. You are our wind of grace and truth who approaches others and all things with a full and sincere heart. And for that we are ever so thankful for you.

Let our relationship of continued support and enduring love continue to strengthen as we continue our journey together. May you continue to be blessed in this new year and may you also be blessed with many more liberating years of happiness, and mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, and vocal health.

-Aqua + Pisces –

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