Happy Birthday Kai!!!!

Happy Birthday Kai!!!!


Happy Birthday to our dear Kai!!

• in our 6th EXO millennium •

• Winter •

We are so proud of you and all you have achieved within the past year! Our dearest, wholehearted Jongin we are so proud of the person you are continuing to become. It has been nothing short of amazed to see your career expand further not only in dance but also in your acting and modeling endeavors. Even more we are so proud of the public stance you have taken in supporting those who are in need with your participation in your Big Issue photo shoot and for those who suffer sexual violence in their workplace in your “I Want to Know” campaign. Thank you for using your voice and influence to champion such efforts. In a way your power of teleportation has allowed you to touch the hearts and souls of all of us at once in yet another brand new way. Let us continue to be a muse you can look to for inspiration as we also look to you. Let our relationship of continued support and enduring love continue to strengthen as we continue our journey together. Please take care that you rest and keep yourself healthy. As always we wish you the absolute best in all that you do. Thank you for allowing us to continue to be part of the story of your dance. May you be blessed with many more years of happiness and mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and vocal health!

-Admins Aqua + Pisces-

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