Happy Birthday D.O.!!!!

Happy Birthday D.O.!!!!


Happy Birthday to our humble D.O.!!

• in our 6th EXO millennium •

• Winter •

We are so proud of you and all you have achieved within the past year! As we have hoped for you, you have continued to be acknowledged for the depth and sincerity of your character by all those who have known and those who are meeting you for the first time through your endeavors. Due to your strengths you were granted new opportunities to demonstrate your skill and intellect. We view every accolade and every honor you have received in such awe that still no matter the height you achieve there remains a steadfast humbleness, and determination to be even better than your best. Within the same breath of thankfulness you also bestow upon us and all that have received you earnest well wishes in health and happiness. You are so endearing and so charming in the degree of warmth and wholesome love your wintry, reserved soul bares.

For the man who wishes for our happiness and our health without fail, we hope it is enough to return the sentiment to you year after year that we are honored to spend with you. Let our relationship of continued support and enduring love continue to strengthen as we continue our journey together. May you continue be blessed in this new year and may you also be blessed with many more salubrious years of happiness and mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and vocal health!

-Admins Aqua + Pisces-

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