[Admin Aqua]

#HowIBecameanEXOL on this day 2 yrs. ago I was introduced to the 9 men who I currently admire, respect and cherish. CMB caught my attention, What Is Love reeled me in and now I’m waiting patiently in #Cafe_Universe to be part of whatever is next with @weareoneEXO #EXO 😘



[Admin Pisces]

#HowIBecameanEXOL was visiting my best friend @EXORandRAqua for the premiere of Boruto. Next day I showed her CMB that I’d been watching nonstop. Went to EXO’luXiOn in Newark 160221. Now we’re having a winter date w/ #EXO chilling at #Cafe_Universe two yrs later 😘 @weareoneEXO

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