Happy Birthday Chanyeol!!!

Happy Birthday Chanyeol!!!


Happy Birthday to our Dearest Chanyeol!

To our dearest Chanyeol, we would like to take this time to honor you on your 25th birthday. And to do so we share the whimsical legend of the Happy Virus. You who once proudly proclaimed as if it were a battle cry that, “no matter how hard it is, I always smile like an idiot” though you are no idiot at all. You are a young man whose spirit is infused with the dynamic fire of true compassion, and generosity that is tempered by your straight-forward ethical outlook and high intelligence. You are man a of innumerable talents that you pursue with relentless, albeit impatient passion. Your heart is in everything that you do and in everything that we see. No matter what you are faced with in the public eye or within your private world, you assumed for all who set eyes on you, a carefree, open hearted smile, wearing it proudly as armor to protect your tender heart while in pursuit of your dreams; a task which takes strength that many only hope to muster. We have all watched you, and have cheered on your glorious ascent over the years with pride and joy, infected by the contagion of Love of which you cannot escape as you are constantly on display. And in doing so, we fail to realize as you do too, that epitomizing yourself as the Happy Virus who is meant to be infinitely happy denies your entitled subsequent descent thereby trapping you within the image of perfect, unblemished euphoria which is not sustainable nor realistic. Contrary to the dream impressed upon you it is natural and part of the essence of life that the opposing force that is Love must also exist. The life of the Happy Virus is not without it’s wounds because of the weight of transmitting Love to oh so many. The life of the Happy Virus is not without scars because of the flames of earnest & pure Love of one’s craft, of one’s dreams and of one’s helpmates in life along the way. The Happy Virus indeed suffers betrayal at the hands of those entrusted with caring for, protecting, and walking alongside him. But the very real and human Happy Virus is not unlike the fabled Phoenix who is cyclically reborn once combusted within its own flames. But it is not for us to pity that descent. It is for us, as your dear EXO-Ls to stand by and bear witness to your prophesied rebirth. It is for us, your dear EXO-Ls who now carry the strain of your Happy Virus to remain faithfully and bear witness now that we see the result of the burdens we have asked you to carry. We know that while there is only so much you can share with us, that there are eight hands reaching into the subsiding sparks and embers to pull you up from the ashes of your pain. These eight dear & truly courageous hearts encircle you in fellow feeling as only they can and protect you until you’re ready to once again rise as you are meant to. Thank you for your infectious, open and honest Love Chanyeol. Thank you for sharing the vital, invigorating fire of your heart with us. May we see the legend of the Whimsical Happy Virus transformed. May we see you at peace. May you have peace within you. May we have the compassion to honor and protect your peace.

May you be blessed with many more magnificent years of happiness, and mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, and vocal health!

-Admins Aqua + Pisces-

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