Happy Birthday Lay!!!!

Happy Birthday Lay!!!!


Happy Birthday to Our Dear Lay!!

To our Dearest Lay, we would like to take this time to honor you on your birthday. Our Sheep in Wolf’s clothing. While many would misunderstand such a statement as an insult, we your dearest EXO-Ls, Xingmis and XBack know that that statement alone is a testament to your true, enduring character. You balance your dual natures of brilliant strength, resilience, fortitude, pride, and poise with humble benevolence, playfulness, creativity, sharp intellect and love for life, people, and our possibilities. The beacon of healing and peace that is your inner nature fuels the you we have had the privilege to come to know and cherish. You continue to pursue your dreams set in your youth with such tenacity and focused purpose and have time and again seen success after success as your reward for your impassioned, relentless efforts. The accolades you accumulate are well deserved and are resounded by your humble, patient glow. While it is said that the Sheep is a symbol of luck, and from the outside looking in it appears that you have been blessed with such a happy circumstance, nothing that you have achieved has been without sacrifice nor did you not earn the right to be where you are now. And for what you have earned you have been our teacher in how to show the utmost respect and gratitude, sincerely. May we inherit your integrity and like you also bring love, healing, and joy to our own lives, the lives of our family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and all those in need of it. May we follow your philanthropic example and take care of our worlds both personal and global as you continue to do. May we follow your example of nurturing our natural born skills and talents while remaining eager students forever passionate for knowledge. May we follow your example and be a source of lightheartedness, kindness and strength reaching out to hug those who shed tears. Lay, may we begin to see your dual nature of being a Sheep, who is gifted with immense inner restorative compassion as being just as powerful as the gifts of your Wolf nature of intuition, and high level intelligence. May we be able to continue to cheer you on your path seeing that as a true Sheep you step forward with conviction, maintaining your incredible balance while taking the path that others may be unable to imagine. May we have courage as you do Lay to step forward in spite of uncertainty and doubt from the outside and from within. May we seek healing and peace and move with gentle grace as you do to make our dreams and your possible. May we continue to give you strength as you have given us strength. May we continue together as One EXO + EXO-Ls & Lay + Xingmis & Lay & X-BACK!

May you be blessed with many more prolific years of happiness, and mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, and vocal health!

-Admins Aqua + Pisces-

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