Happy Birthday Chen!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Chen!!!!!!


Happy Birthday to our Dearest Chen!!

It is said that “…lightning is the movement of energy, usually electricity, across a potential difference. A flow of current or a bolt or a spark, are all functionally the same, flowing suddenly, and because of energetic differences.”

And this described you to the letter Chen, as we all know and cherish you to be. The electrifying unshakable energy that is you, inspires us. You move with intention, and yet always in utmost grace setting your course for an ideal that we, your dear EXOLs strive to meet as well. You have set the bar in illuminating the difference between what people believe an idol to be and who an idol truly is; a human being living life as all the rest but in some ways separate which allows a platform to influence the many generations to come for better or ill. And while you are always honest and witty, your heart’s intention is true and human. When you give back to the community in pure altruism, we give back to match your devotion. As you earnestly work towards your personal academic, and professional goals, and develop in your areas of opportunity, we are inspired, and encouraged to continue to become who are meant to be. To hear you speak, to read your thoughts and discern your perspective lyrically, to watch you move, and feel your kinetic energy, to witness the all consuming intensity of the vocal powerhouse that you are is at once stirring and catalytic. No matter where you are Chen, the very distinctive energy that is you is incomparable, and treasured. As a true Beagle, your unfailing exuberance fosters the currents of playful joy, honest love, and unwavering sticktoitiveness, and grit that powers the smiles, hearts, and souls of your dear EXO members, and your dear EXOLs. We can always look to you to recharge us with power that is unending, and faithful. We can only hope that the love we give in return is enough to recharge, and re-energize you, our Daybreak Star. We truly hope your birthday was as beautiful as your heart, mind, and soul are. Continue to soar as only you can. Happy Birthday!! May you be blessed with many more triumphant years of happiness, and mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, and vocal health!

-Admins Aqua + Pisces-

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