Why isn’t EXO GRAMMY Bound?

Why isn’t EXO GRAMMY Bound?

A mutual of ours shared an EXOL petition to get EXO to the GRAMMYs and told us “I thought you might want 2 see this if you haven’t already.” Now let me say this first, Pisces and I are all for EXO going to, performing at and winning GRAMMYs. But as of right now, there is no way that EXO can do that.

Before you say “Whoa, Aqua I thought you loved our boys. You’re not a real EXOL!” Let me explain.

The GRAMMYs do not work like the music awards that KPop fans are so used to voting for. A petition can not get them there. There are set rules and regulations that must be followed and I’m a little surprised that my fellow detective-Ls didn’t go searching for this.

Here we go…

The GRAMMY Awards are run by The Recording Academy. What is that?

Established in 1957, the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences, Inc., also known as The Recording Academy, is an organization of musicians, producers, engineers, and recording professionals that is dedicated to improving the cultural condition and quality of life for music and its makers. Internationally known for the GRAMMY Awards, The Recording Academy is responsible for groundbreaking professional development, cultural enrichment, advocacy, education and human services programs — including the creation of the national public education campaign What’s The Download®.

This is an exclusive organization that can only be joined if you meet the qualifications. And membership is key. There are three types of memberships available but the most important is the Voting Member. Voting Members are the ones that as the title suggests vote on the musicians, producers, engineers, etc. that are nominated for a GRAMMY and have access to a range of perks. These are the qualifications that must be met in order to become a Voting Member.



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You may be asking yourself by this point why am I talking about membership when everyone is trying to get them nominated and to perform. Well, the short of it is…..that’s how you get nominated. The people in the industry nominate you. If they don’t know who you are and your body of work your chances of winning are slim. You have to be within the circle to get noticed. But before all of that the entry must be submitted and follow the voting process.



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Ok cool, all we need to do is enter them, right? Wrong. WE, EXO-Ls, can’t. SM would have to submit their recordings. Ok then, all we have to do is petition SM to submit their recordings. Mmmm….maybe they can, maybe they can’t. In the FAQ‘s section about the voting process it states that only members and registered recording companies can submit entries. It also clarifies what the entry eligibility requirements are. (Note that the requirements below are for the 59th GRAMMY Awards. It has not been updated as yet.)



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So the question now is, is SM Entertainment a registered recording company? I tried to find any documentation on the GRAMMY website for list of registered record companies (confidential info) as well as SM’s website but I did not see it. If they’re not, then there’s no way EXO is going to the 60th GRAMMY Awards in 2018.

Going back to one of my points about the importance of membership, there was a really great opportunity at MAMA 2016 for them to get their foot in the door. Timbaland and Quincy Jones, who is basically like the Godfather of the Music Industry, were in attendance. They are both Voting Members. And as I said Quincy Jones has A LOT of pull in the industry EVERYWHERE. I have a friend who got a gig in Dubai because he recommended her. I don’t know what all went on backstage at MAMA 2016 but since there hasn’t been any buzz about them on the private/closed group pages (don’t ask me how I know) I don’t think they made that connection. That was a missed opportunity.

EXO winning a GRAMMY Award is not about receiving Western recognition. A GRAMMY proves that they are more than visuals as anti relegate them to be. It would be indisputable proof that their body of work is quality musicianship and that they have the acknowledgement of INTERNATIONAL professionals in the industry. It’s not about popularity, it’s about prestige. That is why once artists are even nominated for a GRAMMY they can put that in front of their name and raise their performance rate. You are now seen as in an entirely different league as other artists without one. You are a part of the elite. I’d love for the E in EXO to stand for Elite peer-recognized international artists.

By the way, the deadline for entry submissions is this week.

Maybe they can’t get one in 2018 but no one said we can’t get a jump on 2019.

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For more information, you can search the GRAMMY Website

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