Happy Birthday Baekhyun!!!!

Happy Birthday Baekhyun!!!!


Happy Birthday Baekhyunnie!

We wish you the happiest birthday our dearest Baekhyun, our very own prodigal explorer Ezreal. Thank you for always boldly leading with your honest, charming and endearing way. Thank you for being the beacon that shows us all the way forward. Not only for EXO-L’s but your fellow members. Thank you for always being someone that the members and EXO-L’s can count on to radiate pure love and sincere happiness; someone that is not afraid to show affection and to let others know how much you appreciate them, someone that isn’t afraid to laugh at themselves and encourage others to do the same. You are so buoyant and carefree and yet very thoughtful and purposeful in your unique, and gifted expression that we are both able to see and feel the integrity of your soul in every endeavor that you passionately pursue whether that be singing, acting, dancing, MCing and the list goes on. Thank you for filling all of our lives with light and laughter. We hope that just as much love that you pour out to us is returned to you infinitely. We hope that as much beauty you see in your your family, your members, your aeris, and this world that you also see it in yourself. May you be blessed with many more years of happiness and mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and vocal health!

-Admins Aqua + Pisces-

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