Happy Birthday Sehun!!!!

Happy Birthday Sehun!!!!


Happy Birthday Sehunnie!

Newly dubbed Lord Sehun, you have always been a kind spirit who cares about relationships between all people fitting the benevolent gesture EXO-L’s made on your behalf for this most recent birthday for the benefit of the greater world and the beings of the world who live within it. Being the youngest member of EXO has given you great examples to emulate but as we learn time and time again, you are beginning to set the example yourself with your calm, introspective, compassionate, free-spirited, whole-hearted, confident, playful, sincere, dependable, loyal, brave, practical, thoughtful way. We hope you continue to thrive and look forward to seeing you achieve in your numerous endeavors in acting, singing, dance, modeling and every new project that comes your way alongside your brothers of EXO as well as independently. May you be blessed with many more years of happiness and mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and vocal health!

-Admins Aqua + Pisces-

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